About Tweakbench


tweakbench is the audio software project of aaron rutledge (just one guy!). the project offers free vst instruments and effects for windows based vst hosts. all synths are free for any use. if you would like to redistribute any of these plugins on some form of media, please message me on the support forum to get written consent first. this includes freeware archives, collection cd-roms, magazine pack-ins etc. please DO share these plugins on p2p networks, irc, aim, post links on forums, links on your sites, etc etc. BUT please don't host the files, since i update them, and i'd rather not have people getting old versions! let me handle the bandwidth ;) under NO circumstances, may anyone redistribute or sell the software from this site without my explicit consent. i need to keep track of which plugins are distrubted where and who might be making money from my software. :)

i still develop custom plugins for individuals by request, and on a case by case basis. i no longer create plugins for companies to resell, but if you have a good idea, and want to see it come to life on the freeware level, please contact me. i often retire older & inferior plugins from the live site, so make sure you download everything while it"s available, otherwise you"ll have to beg me.

all vst"s are ©2002-2013 tweakbench / aaron rutledge. 'vst' is a registered trademark of steinberg gmbh. tweakbench plugins use c++, custom modules, 3rd party modules, and some elbow grease, all wrapped up with the brilliant synthedit sdk by jeff mcclintock

conceptual contributors: proem, acomputer, twerk, dwai, wakak0mp0, rp|fr
beta testers: proem, khonnor, dwai, stich, hologram, gr4g3trol, waka, RcHaCk, damo, SineSurfr, rpfr, timbre, and many others on efnet, em411 & of course the mighty kvr.