About Tweakbench


Tweakbench is the audio software project of Aaron Rutledge (just one guy!). The project offers free vst instruments and effects for windows based vst hosts. No redistribution please.

I no longer develop custom plugins for individuals.

All vst"s are ©2002-2019 Tweakbench / Aaron Rutledge. 'VST' is a registered trademark of Steinberg gmbh. Tweakbench plugins use c++, custom modules, 3rd party modules, and some elbow grease, all wrapped up with the brilliant synthedit sdk by Jeff McClintock

Thanks: proem, acomputer, twerk, dwai, wakak0mp0, rp|fr
Beta Testers: proem, khonnor, dwai, stich, hologram, gr4g3trol, waka, RcHaCk, damo, SineSurfr, rpfr, timbre, and many others on efnet, em411 & of course the mighty kvr.