pad synthesizer v1.2

padawan is a hybrid synthesizer inteded for pad and ambient sound creation. the first oscialltor is analog style, while the second is based on wavetables. there are some nice modulation options, all synced to host tempo. for effects there is a nice stereo chorus and a simple reverb. version 1.05 fixes several outstanding bug and features a new set of stellar presets by proem. vu meters will return at a later date, once the fl studio issues are ironed out.

accolades: featured in Estrada i Studio - Jan 2005

accolades: reviewed at MusicFAQ

version: 1.2 / released: 06.28.08 / cpu load: 2-22% @ 2ghz / size: 3.3MB / WINDOWS ONLY!!!

demo mp3 /pdf documentation /download padawan/ download bundle (just $5!)